Bitter Stories is coming

18 October 2013 in Berlin, Music

So, here’s some juicy updates for you about my musical projects. I have finally managed to play some gigs in Berlin (27 August at Madame Claude, 3 September at Ma Thilda) and a new one will follow on 15 November at Koffer. And, most importantly, this will be preceded by a new album: Bitter Stories is finally coming! It will be out on 21 October and will feature nine new songs (really good ones, I have to say) and a cover art provided by Polish art student Maja Starakiewicz. I will first release it through the usual Internet channels of Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and then I will also come with physical copies. For all of this, I also created a Facebook page of mine at the address http://facebook.com/aromano.music.

I have also plans for a new recording (which won’t really be that new) in the coming months, and it might come to some of you as a surprise. But now it’s too early to share this, so you just have to wait… Plus, I am also looking forward for more gigs (and possibly even living room concerts) in Berlin, as well as in the Netherlands and Poland. If you want to help me out on that in whatever form, please get in touch with me – I’d be really glad if you can. Cheers!


Music updates

22 September 2013 in Music

So here’s a short update. I have been finally playing around Berlin on my own (the duo project has sadly disbanded) and I played a couple gigs in town: a thirty minute set at Madame Claude and a full concert at Ma Thilda Bar one week later. I am now looking forward to complete my newest album, named Bitter Stories and set to be released by October/November, and play even more gigs in Berlin and, why not, other places – would love to play somewhere in Poland and the Netherlands for instance. If you want to stay in touch with musical updates, I also opened a Facebook artist page at https://www.facebook.com/aromano.music. Cheers!


New music from Berlin

28 June 2013 in Music

bluelemonSo after four years of silence, I decided 2013 will be the a prolific year for music releases of mine. And, well, I was also particularly lucky to find a good collaborator, singer, co-author and friend in Vilde Renman, who happened to live actually on the same street as mine. Needless to say we set up a duo together, named Tramway One as a reference to the nearest Straßenbahn stop we have in common, and an album had to be released as a result: the outcome is Blue Lemon, seven tracks we wrote more or less together, where her voice blends perfectly with my usual guitar paranoia. I wouldn’t call it a sad album, even though there’s a few bitter moments on it – and it’s quite easy and somewhat even catchy to listen to, which is exactly what we wanted.

Here it is, you can listen to it for free from Bandcamp or Soundcloud (as usual). Happy listening!


Bitter Stories?

31 May 2013 in Music

So, a few days ago I decided I did not like “The Dutch Album” anymore. I probably exceeded with arrangements, trying to make something that was not as spontaneous as I actually wanted it to be. Plus, in all these years, months and weeks I’ve written a bunch of new songs I really love, and I had a cover art from a friend I met in Kraków last year with two words in it: “Bitter Stories”.

So, the outcome of all this was simple: last Sunday I went at the rehearsal room and started recording my newest stuff. There will be a new album, and this time shouldn’t take long: firstly, because it will feature nothing more than my two favourite acoustic guitars (a steel-string Martin and a nylon-string Takamine), a foot tambourine, an acoustic bass guitar and my voice. And secondly, because the songs are already there. Stories of people I met, place I’ve been to, and obsessions I have in my head. Bitter stories, indeed.

Here’s the first “bitter story” for you. It is a demo (thus not an official release), and it is called “Chain-Smoking Lady”. And it is about, well, a chain smoking lady. Enjoy.


Here it is: The Dutch Album!

29 April 2013 in Music

Hi all! So the Dutch Album is finally out! You can listen to it on SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/angeloromano) or Bandcamp (http://angeloromano.bandcamp.com – from the latter you can also download it for free if you want). Widgets are below, by the way, so you can listen to it from here as well. Cheers!


Dutch Album: out April 29!

24 April 2013 in Music

cover-the-dutch-albumSo, the time has come: The Dutch Album will be available for streaming on April 29 via SoundCloud here, and probably also on Bandcamp here, and – obviously – the official music website www.angeloromano.net.

Eight tracks, more than 36 minutes of good fuss. Tracklist follows:

  1. Into the Sea
  2. Limburg
  3. Stuck in a Place with No Name
  4. Human Resource Blues
  5. Slivers
  6. Song #8
  7. A List of Things
  8. Icarus

I will also provide a few physical copies handmade here in Berlin later in May. Feel free to get in touch with me in case you are interested. I am also planning to play the Dutch Album live in Berlin at some point after the first half of May (I am going to Romania, then Sicily, for some time now). Dates can be found on the official website too.


Before the spring

11 March 2013 in Berlin, Daily life, Paranoia, Whatever

5716107594_94c64bd274_bSo to make it short: Palermo going to Serie B, an unmanageable Italy, Berlin still under the snow in mid-March, recording sessions for the new album still very difficult after three years, a few random personal issues, people around me I really can’t fully understand, a job that is becoming more and more unsatisfying, me getting older, my hair disappearing and, last but not least, I don’t really understand where the heck I want to be like.

Sometimes I’m tempted to go to some small bar with an open mic, scream three or four of those heavy songs of mine and smash the guitar onstage. Or, more simply, to just scream at the moon and reveal to the world how difficult it is for me to be in a situation I struggle to fully keep under control due to a number of reasons. There’s a few things happening over your head which make you think about how life could have been otherwise. Some decisions, some friendships, some events, some small situations that eventually ended up in drastically changing my life (good or bad it might be), situations I can’t get out of, because they’re simply the heart and soul of life itself.

These are all things I have been trying to get rid of for quite a while, since it is the only way I know to control my so-called “inner ghosts”. Because, after a few years of breakaways and troubles I kept hiding under my personal carpet, I feel like having no more alternatives. But then I realize it is not so easy, and that perfectly explains the path of my life, made of so many temporary stops and no single final arrival so far. So now here I am, in waiting, sitting along a river before the flood, but waiting for the spring to hopefully bring good news.


A post from the End of the World

19 December 2012 in Berlin, Daily life, Paranoia, Politics, Sicily, Whatever

2373844387_2491749750_zIt is the time to write something before the End of the World. There are two chances: either it is everything just foolishness – in that case feel free to read this as my End of Year post – or it is all true, in that case read it as my personal sequence of bits to be left for future generations.

The 2012 year was a quite particular one: I do have a job (and also with an acceptable salary) so I should not complain, however there is a huge part of Europe that is not as fortunate as me, and I feel a bit guilty for that. Well, why? There are a few reasons, actually: firstly, because I am leaving in the one country who is to be blamed the most for all of this, that is, Germany; secondly, because I feel like I am not really offering any contribution whatsoever to improve things. I am here, in a country I effectively dislike, to collect my money by the end of each month without even doing anything to help Italy and Sicily to reclaim their dignity. And this is something that makes me feel really bad.

You might ask: even if I decide to leave everything behind and come back, it might look like a step backwards… Well, perhaps, but perhaps not, who knows? I personally feel like having acquired enough experience and bravery to survive Italy in 2013; there is only one thing I am still missing, and it is money, and without that I am still unable to “make a step in the unknown” as I would like to. So well, I do not know yet. My ideas are still unclear (as they have always been, actually), I have only a tangle of possibilities into my mind, a lot of temptations (but I need at least three or four more lives to realize them, I think) and no long-term plan.

For now I am just going back to Sicily coming Saturday, and then back to the Netherlands (the usual Groningen, a city that – frankly speaking – I miss a bit) from January 9th to 13th, attending the Eurosonic Festival. And then in February back to my island to cast my vote at the elections, to offer my very small voice to change the European economic policies that are threatening the “anonymous” masses more and more. A left-wing vote, a non-populist vote, driven by issues to be handled and solutions to be found, commitments to be taken on power rather than plain criticisms from an opposition perspective, and concreteness and modesty rather than insults to be screamed and musty proclamations to be thawed at the right moment. A vote for Nichi Vendola and SEL – Left Ecology Freedom, to make it simple. (So now you even have my endorsement, you see…)

So, expect some changes from me in 2013. I do not know if I will actually go back to Italy, I do not know if I will leave Berlin, I do not know if I will move back to the Netherlands or just go to Belgium, Spain or wherever else in Europe. I only know I am feeling like a fiery beast tied up against an office chair, who would like to be free to let his whole creativity out and take decisions without having to explain them to anybody but his own dignity. I hope to be able to do all this in Italy if I can have the chance, for sure I will do it in Europe – because I have always believed in a united Europe and still do.


October 2012 update

21 October 2012 in Berlin, Daily life, Music, Paranoia, Whatever

Sorry for the long break. No special reason for that, really; I did not think to make it like that, but it happened.

So, what happened in the meantime? Well, I (sadly) turned 30, started discovering Eastern Europe (must say I had a really good time, especially in Poland), finally made the long awaited journey to Iceland and thought carefully about my future. For now I am still in Berlin: the city is nice, but sometimes I really feel like being totally incompatible with the German culture and lifestyle. Honestly I cannot see a future for me in this country for the long term, but that is no news to me – I always said I wanted to go back home at some point my life. This doesn’t mean I am departing now, obviously; for now I am staying here, even though I can’t see myself being still here “in 5 years” (citing a song of mine).

About music, for now I am kinda blocked by a number of reason I don’t want to get into; I have some plans, and I still hope I can complete my prior recordings at some point. Please refer to http://soundcloud.com/angeloromano for newest stuff (I am hopefully about to release a small EP with new songs soon). Cheers!


May 2012 update

25 May 2012 in Berlin, Daily life, Music, Trips, Whatever

Reykjavik Harbour

It is the time to update this electronic paper thing. I am still alive, strange but true. I still can’t speak German (such a horrible language, it sounds even worse than Dutch) and my job is still here at last. There have been a few messy months, among a number of random journeys (Sicily, Pisa, Prague, Bratislava and Iceland – Iceland is great, by the way), bad-quality and missed guitar jams, a difficult but ultimately completed relocation and the never-ending approach to the 30-year old threshold of mine. Nothing more to say.

I have still not so many plans for the summer: Bon Iver in concert in Hamburg next July, a week in Sicily next June (and probably also a few days in August, still to be confirmed), the Berlin Festival and, most importantly, the legendary Leonard Cohen on the first half of September. No more journeys probably, except maybe for a short visit to Spain or Eastern Europe, but it’s still nothing more than an idea.

Music projects go on slowly as well. The Dutch Album seems destined to become some sort of Chinese Democracy thing, and I can’t rule out the chance to release something else before as things stand: regarding that, SoundCloud seems like leading me to an alternative direction, you can find some work of mine here: http://soundcloud.com/aromano-music.

And well, nothing else indeed. Hear from you for another post, within a few months, or who knows?!?

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There is no dark side of the moon really...
All that you touch, all that you see
All that you taste, all you feel.
All that you love, all that you hate
All you distrust, all you save.
All that you give, all that you deal
All that you buy, beg, borrow or steal.
All you create, all you destroy
All that you do, all that you say.
All that you eat and everyone you meet
All that you slight and everyone you fight.
All that is now, all that is gone
All that's to come and everything
under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.